Renee Steve

The Nook

492 Hamline Ave S
St Paul

(651) 698-4347

Date of Review
April 11, 2010


Entree Price:

Our Total Bill:

Bar and Grill






Pepper: none

Kid Friendliness: Fair

Kid Menu:Yes

High Chair: Yes

Quick Service:Yes

Noise level: Moderate/High

Crayons/Toys: No

Takeout Available:Yes

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $7.50

I can understand the hype around the Nook. Good burgers at low prices in a cool atmosphere. But with a 2 year old waiting is hard.

This was one of those places where if you lived in the neighborhood and knew the busy times, or your children are older or n/a, then the nook would be a good place. But to drive across town and wait for a 1/2 hour with a two year old, it was not quite worth it to me. The sandwich was fine, not the most amazing I have had. The fries were really good handcut and perfect, but I can get those at other places without the wait.

I am glad the nook exists and it certainly fills a "nook" for there neighborhood, but I not sure it is worth a drive and/or a wait.

  • Paul Molitor Burger $7.95

MThe Nook is a small Saint Paul bar and grill with a big following. The burgers and fries are good, but probably not worth the half hour wait we had when we went. The kids eat free special on Sunday nights drew us in along with lots of other parents. Things eased up as we were eating, but they picked up again when we were leaving. Iím not sure if there is really a good time on the weekend to go to The Nook.

The fresh-cut homemade French Fries were very good. As usual, our son considers anything in the potato family as a ketchup delivery device. The Molitor burger (injected with pepper jack cheese) with fried onions did not disappoint. It was a standard, satisfying burger. Everyone seems to have their favorite cheese-injected burger in the Twin Cities, but I canít say that I have a clear favorite. I would put the Nookís version on the high end of the good scale, not quite excellent. Bottom line is that itís hard to say that itís worth the long wait that youíre likely to have.

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