Renee Steve

Anchor Fish and Chips

302 13th Avenue NE


Date of Review
September 4, 2010


Entree Price:
$5 - $10

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: 3" Glass shaker

Kid Friendliness: Good

Kid Menu:No

High Chair: Yes

Quick Service:Yes

Noise level: High

Crayons/Toys: No

Takeout Available:Yes

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Fish and Chips $8.50

Clearly Minneapolis needed a good fish and chips place. Anchor has been open for about a year now (yes, it took us a year to get there) and we arrived at 5:15 on Labor Day weekend and there was already a wait!

Of course, I totally know why now. Everything we had was amazing, fish, pastie, toasty and chips all amazing.

If you have not been, drop what you are doing, get to NE and try it out. Really.

  • Pastie with chips $7.50

Wow! Anchor Fish and Chips is outstanding! This wasnít the best pastie Iíve had, and the meat was not easily discernable, but I was thrilled to have a fresh hot pastie and delicious fries right out of the fryer. I was much more impressed with Reneeís fish and our sonís toasty. The toasty is Irish cheddar, tomato, onion, and some of the most delicious ham you will experience. I would love to go back several times and try everything on their menu. And, they have Bellís, Summit, Guinness, and Harp on tap. Heavenly.

It was already busy at 5:15 p.m. when we arrived and there would have been a wait for a table. So, we sat at the counter on our visit. We were able to watch the cooks at work, handling the piping hot food with precision and care. We were able to see the light sprinkle of sea salt that went on every order. We were able to see our food and see the hustle and bustle of the servers and cooks on a busy Saturday night.

If you go, and you should, be prepared for a wait on weekends. They have a parking lot in back and there is also on street parking.

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