Renee Steve

5057 France Ave S

(612) 285-7444

Date of Review
June 28, 2003


Entree Price:
$15 to $20

Our Total Bill:







1 foot wood
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Carpacio alle capes (Marinated sliced raw scallops) (shared)$10.95
  • Caprese insalata (shared)$10.95
  • Risotto Ai Frutti (shared)$19.95

It was a beautiful evening, our plan was to go Sallie's Soul and Creole, but it was closed when we arrived. So we started driving aimlessly down Lake Street trying to decide what to do. As many of you might guess, when this happens it throws us off, where do we go without out pre determined pick. After some driving we ended up in the 50th and France area and Steve said let's try Arezzo. So we did.

I am glad we did, even though it was prime time around 7:00 pm there was no wait for outdoor seating. Which was surprising since it was an amazing evening. We got to see an amazing rainbow and enjoy some ofthe best whether of the season.

I was extremely impressed with the scallops and the bread. I really could have ate five baskets of the bread with a cup of Steve's entree's sauce and had been perfectly content in my life.

The caprese salad was good, very good ingredients equal a vrey good salad in this case. I was not as impressed with my entree. The seafood in it was perfectly done, so that was great, but the rice seemed a little too al dente for me.

Unfortunately after the entree there was a great period of time let's say conservatively 45 minutes when we did not see our waiter. Normally this is not a big deal, but I would have liked to order dessert and there was obviously a rainstorm heading our way. So when he finally appreared we passed on dessert and as it turns out got into the Edina Creamery just in time as a torrential down pour hit.

  • Paglia e fieno (Three pasta (egg, spinach, carrot) tortelli, shrimp, zucchini, heavy cream sauce) $15.50

The Carpacio alle Capes, or raw thinly sliced scallops, was inspired. I loved the simple preparation in olive oil and fresh ground pepper, even though I normally prefer warm, cooked scallops.

The remaining selections were good, though better Italian food can be found elsewhere in many Twin cities restaurants. The caprese salad was standard mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil. The cheese was thicker and drier than normal, though this did not add or detract from the salad.

The Paglia e Fieno, or tortelli pasta with shrimp and zucchini and heavy cream sauce, was also good. There were three varieties of tortelli: egg, spinach, and carrot. I liked the sauce, especially with their awesome bread. However, the entire dish was nothing outstanding.

A few things bothered me about the service. First, the salad and appetizer were served at the same time, saving the waiter a trip to our outside table, but annoying for most diners. Second, weather sirens were clearly heard in the distance, but no warnings or explanations were delivered to patrons. Finally, we were going to have dessert, but the waiter disappeared for about a half hour (when the sirens went off). We decided to leave, which turned out to be good move because heavy rain and pea-size hail followed.

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