Renee Steve

Bulldog NE

401 E. Hennepin Ave

(612) 378-2855

Date of Review
May 23, 2008


Entree Price:
$5 - $10

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: 2" glass shaker
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Fish tacos (catfish) $10
  • German chocolate cup cake $3

To make a confession we have been to Bulldog NE on previous occasions. But we finally decided to review it because we finally go there together during dinner. Bulldog NE is almost always busy, in the summer they have outdoor seating which helps a lot, as it can get really crowded and loud inside.

Since is was a spectacular evening, we were able to sit outside, which made everything much better. I think the key here is to stick with burgers or sandwiches. I have had the cubano before and it was very good. The fish tacos on this visit were not too bad, but did not compare to other things I have had. It was nice because I had room for a cupcake after and that was really quite tasty...maybe a bit expensive at $3, but it was a close call.

Overall, this is a great place to go on a beautiful day and sit outside and enjoy a burger. Probably not worth the drive across town as most areas have a similarly great burger place nearby.

  • Tater Tot Hot Dish - Youngs’ Double Chocolate Stout braised beef, seared brussel sprouts, roasted mushroom béchamel, truffled tots $12
  • Raspberry and lemon cup cake $3

Go to Bulldog NE for the burgers, which are exceptional, and the Belgian ale. The tater tot hot dish was good and innovative. Not too many bars would take the risk of pairing tater tots with braised beef, brussel sprouts, and mushroom béchamel, if only for the risk of not selling any. But Bulldog NE brings béchamel to the masses. The cup cake was a standard, freshly made cup cake, nothing altogether special.

The place is normally packed on weekends. We visited on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. The outdoor seating was set in place which helped to relieve the normally crowded bar. We must have picked the right night because the weather was nice, the outdoor seating was pleasant, and the place was not busy. Bulldog NE is a hopping place, your typical bar and grill. If you are interested in avoiding crowds or long waits, I would suggest going to Bulldog NE during off hours or summertime when the outdoor seating provides more space.

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