Renee Steve

Chatterbox Pub

2229 E. 35th Street

(612) 728-9871

Date of Review
January 27, 2007


Entree Price:
$5 - $10

Our Total Bill:

Bar and Grill






Pepper: shaker
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Crispy Fried Mozzarella Cheese Curds - Served with homemade chunky marinara sauce $7.50 (shared)
  • Hellcat Inferno Chicken Wrap - Roasted chicken, shaved Bermuda onions, fresh tomatoes, romaine lettuce and cheddar, drizzled with Hellcat Inferno sauce and bleu cheese dressing, wrapped in a tomato tortilla $8.95
  • Onion Rings $1.50

Chatterbox Pub is a great local place to have a drink and good sandwich or appetizer.

The mozzarella cheese curds were not close to the cheese the curds at Town Talk, but they were heads above the mozzarella sticks you get at most places. The chicken wrap was not as spicy as I expected with the name Hellcat Inferno Sauce, but to be fair they did leave a bottle of the hellcat sauce at the table so if you needed more, it was there. Also it was nice because it wasn't the just burning hot sauce with no flavor, but it was flavorful as well as spicy. The onion rings were good, but there was only five so I would have liked a couple more. I would probably order fries if I went back as they were very good and included in the cost of the sandwich.

Great local place, but not worth a long drive.

  • Hellcat Inferno Burger - with smoked bacon, cheddar, roasted peppers and onions, and spicy Hellcat Inferno sauce $8.95

Chatterbox Pub faced an impossible task in our book: follow Town Talk Diner. Town Talk Diner was terrific in every way; the Chatterbox Pub has plenty of character, but falls short in the food department. Nothing's bad, but nothing's out of this world, either. I was worried that the cheese curds would leave the gut rot that you get at the State Fair. I was happily surprised that the homemade mozzarella cheese curds went down well, especially with a beer specially brewed for the Chatterbox Pub from Minnesota's Schell's Brewery. The accompanying marinara sauce looked promising, but it should be reworked. It was unique, but it lacked zip to offset the strong fried flavor.

The Hellcat burger was just okay. The spicy Hellcat Inferno sauce was sweetly spicy, making the bacon cheddar burger taste like a spicy barbecue burger. The French fries were good; do not pay the extra money for the roasted red pepper sour cream. It's another flop of a sauce that should be reworked or dropped altogether. Plus, the French fries are good by themselves or with the house ketchup.

We did not have the time, position, or patience to play Atari, Sega, Nintendo, or classic board games. It was odd to me that they had plenty of televisions set to the nationwide trivia channel, but only two set to video games by the couches, and yet their draw is old-time Atari. Then again, maybe that's what marketing is about: bait and switch (or, if you really want to play Atari, buy one). Nevertheless, it is a cool hangout with some decent grub.

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