Renee Steve

Dong Yang

735 45th Ave NE

(763) 571-2009

Date of Review
October 28, 2006


Entree Price:
$5 to $10

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: Who needs pepper?
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Pork Dumplings $5.99
  • Noodles with Vegetables $9.99

Great Korean food, in the back of a grocery store, in a strip mall, right next to an automotive parts store, in Hilltop, go figure.

But there it is, the space is the back of great Korean grocery store, and is not really much to look at. Most people are taking out, but some are sitting and eating as well and they do have tables to do so. The menu is handwritten on sheets on the wall the descriptions are vague at best, but from the little bit I had I am pretty sure you can not go wrong, unless you are vegetarian, then you may have a challenge finding the vegetarian options, since the menu is a bit misleading. I am not a vegetarian, but I ordered the noodles with vegetables, which turned out to be just that, but also a quite a bit of meat for flavor, it was excellent but just not what I expected. Steve's kimchee stew was also good, but very hot. The dumplings were great. And all of the little side dishes you get were fantastic as well.

If you are in the area, I would stop in, even if you not in the area, I would suggest it may be worth the drive.

  • Kimchee Soup $7.99

I enjoyed everything we had at Dong Yang. The dumplings were hot and crispy, and the dipping sauce was fantastic. The kimchee soup was everything you would expect: piping hot, spicy, and full of delicious rice cakes, meat, and tofu. When you consider all of the condiments that come with Korean meals, the price is extremely reasonable, especially for a meal this good.

As you might imagine, an ethnic grocery with a café in back does not offer cloth napkins or romantic ambience. You order and pick up at the counter and bus your own trays, but it is charming in every sense of the word. Just be ready for seriously good Korean food.

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