Renee Steve

Edina Grill

5028 France Ave

(952) 927-7933

Date of Review
February 24, 2007


Entree Price:
$10 - $15

Our Total Bill:


call ahead seating





Pepper: shaker on table
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Gorgonzola Cheese Fritters Crispy clouds of gorgonzola cheese and sweet corn fried to a golden brown. Served with sweet honey mustard $5.95 (shared)
  • Turkey Burger Fresh ground turkey, peanuts, jalapeno, onion, garlic and curry seasonings blended together & topped with pepper jack cheese, poblano pesto aioli and greens $8.95
  • ½ Brownie Sundae $4.95 (shared)

The Edina Grill has an amazing location at 50th and France, which I am guessing is one of the reasons they are so popular. It seems whenever I go by there, the line stretches out the door or at the very least there are people waiting for a table. We happen to go at the beginning of the first snow storm this year and were surprised to find no wait for a table.

The food we had was a bit uneven. The gorgonzola fritter sounded good in concept and since we have been on a roll with cheese curd type appetizers we decided to try it. I was not as great in execution. The gorgonzola was a bit too powerful to be put in a glob in the middle of the fritter. I think if the dough portion had been a bit more sweet, it might have held up better, but the honey mustard sauce served with it really only took the bite off a little bit. The turkey burger on the other hand was outstanding. I rarely have turkey burgers, if I am going to eat a burger it is usually the real thing, but the waiter recommended it and it was voted the best in the city by someone, so I tried it and I understand the high recommendations. It may have been a little bit bland, but still very good. The fries on the other hand were not that great, which was a bit disappointing. We did decide to have dessert and the brownie sundae was good. We were able to order a half which was more than plenty for the two of us.

If you are shopping the area and are in the mood for a turkey burger, I think I would definitely stop in.

  • Seafood Stew Chorizo, mussels, shrimp and tilapia with shitakes and fingerling potaotes in a garlicy tomato sauce $14.95

Nobody goes to the Edina Grill for haute cuisine. It's just not that kind of place. It is the kind of place you can get a decent tasting meal at a decent price: you can afford to take out the whole family and even the kids will find something they'll like on the menu. It's also a place to meet friends because of their full bar and bustling atmosphere. The Edina Grill also excels at a high level of hospitality on top of service. It was no problem halving and sharing a dessert when we asked how big the brownie sundae was. Either he had done this before, or he was empowered (to use a 90's buzzword) to make the special request of the kitchen.

I didn't mind the gorgonzola cheese fritters, but Renee didn't care for them and let me finish the last few. The plate of six or so was filling, even if we each had half. I could barely taste the gorgonzola on the first few bites, as it was overwhelmed but the deep fried batter and corn. When I paid attention, I tasted an average gorgonzola at best. Not that you'd really want to put high quality, expensive cheese inside fritters, but Town Talk Diner does put high quality cheese in its cheese curds, so it can work. I would try a different appetizer if we go back.

The seafood stew was average, although it was priced right. There was more bland chorizo than seafood in the entrée, which was disappointing on both points. I would have preferred a spicy tomato sauce to a moderately garlic tomato sauce. The mussels were below average, and the shrimp was overcooked and tough (though I can understand how easy that happens). The shitakes and tilapia were pretty good, and normally I wouldn't expect much from the fish ingredient of a seafood stew because it's normally an afterthought.

The brownie sundae was good, and I recommend trying it if you go to the Edina Grill with the family or to meet friends.

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