Renee Steve

Ginger Hop

201 E Hennepin


Date of Review
December 31, 2009


Entree Price:
$10 - $15

Our Total Bill:

Thai Fusion






Pepper: na

Kid Friendliness: Good

Kid Menu:No

High Chair: Yes

Quick Service: Yes

Noise level: Moderate

Crayons/Toys: No

Takeout Available:Yes

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Shrimp Spring Rolls $3 (shared)
  • Cream Cheese Wonton with caramelized Onions $3
  • Green Curry with Tofu $10.95

In a last ditch effort to bulk up the number of restaurants we have been to this year, we went out on New Year's Eve with child. Should this be done, probably not. But if you are going to, go at 5pm and to Ginger Hop and you will be ok.

Ginger Hop was interesting in it is trying to be Thai meets NE, I think that is tough to do. And while I appreciate the effort, I think if you are in NE and you want Thai go to Sen Yai Sen Lek or True Thai. If you want NE then go to Mayslacks or Nyes. If you want to go to the old Times because you miss it, then go to Ginger Hop. I know this sounds like a pretty rough review, but I really did not have that bad of an experience. The service was quite good and the food was edible and they tolerated my two year old on New Year's Eve graciously so I guess, I should cut them some slack. All in all, I expected and hoped for a bit more.

  • Pad Thai $11.95

I was a little disappointed by Ginger Hop because the space is nice and the food could be better. The shrimp spring rolls were filled with iceberg lettuce, and I dearly hope that they change to the traditional cabbage because the lettuce is distracting and inferior. The fried wontons were fried wontons, nothing all that special, and good if you need a fried wonton fix. Note that the prices on the appetizers were happy hour prices, and the normal prices are a few dollars higher. The Shrimp Pad Thai was nothing special, but not bad either. All in all, maybe worth trying if you live in the neighborhood, but tough to justify going out of your way for.

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