Renee Steve

Herkimer Pub

2922 Lyndale Ave S

(612) 821-0101

Date of Review
July 29, 2007


Entree Price:
$5 - $10

Our Total Bill:

Bar and Grill






Pepper: NA
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Pretzel Sticks with dipping sauces (Happy hour price) $3.50 (shared)
  • Fish Sandwich - halibut Lettuce, tomato, red onion, pineapple tartar sauce on a toasted bun $1 extra for sweet potato fries $9.95

I think this restaurant has been in our basket since the beginning so it was good to finally "draw" it. Actually, on open table they have/had a 1000 point special for Sunday night so since we were looking for a Sunday that week we grabbed it.

We sat on the patio, it was a nice evening and good time to do so, although with the construction as it was it was not much of a view. The pretzel sticks were very good, but I love a good soft pretzel. The fish sandwich was well above average and the sweet potato fries are also a nice alternative to regular fries and these were very nicely done.

I think this is a great neighborhood bar and if I lived in the neighborhood, I would go back, if for nothing else for the happy hour deals.

  • 5 Little Cajun Burgers Ground beef seared in Cajun spices, pepper jack cheese on a mini bun $7.95

We went to Herkimer Pub early on a Sunday evening and fought the Lyndale Avenue construction and Uptown parking. We walked into the pub and we were overwhelmed with the stench of beer brewing. All of the booths were occupied, and we decided to sit out on the patio in 90+ degree temperatures. The “patio” was reclaimed parking lot surrounded by concrete barricades. It wasn’t much like a Parisian café, but it worked for the smoking crowd. I’m sure it would have been much better after the sun set.

Despite the ambiance, I enjoyed the food at Herkimer. The beer was a good microbrew, and it went down smoothly on a hot afternoon. The pretzel sticks are perfect happy hour fare, and even salty to promote more drinking. The dipping sauces even provided a slight twist on the standard yellow mustard. The mini burgers are excellent. I like that they have five little buns and five little burgers. The Herkimer Pub was on the leading edge of this trend, and it was even on the leading edge of restaurants offering upscale, gourmet burgers. Needless to say, the burgers also went down very well with beer. I would highly recommend the Herkimer’s sweet potato fries that Renee had – so deliciosomo.

Despite the good food, we probably won’t be going back soon. I would recommend the Herkimer Pub for happy hour, but not for a first date or a special occasion. Being a pub in Uptown, it’s also not an ideal family destination.

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