Renee Steve

Holy Land Bakery and Deli
2513 Central Avenue NE
(612) 781-2627

Date of Review
September 28, 2002


Entree Price:
$5 to $10

Our Total Bill:

Middle Eastern



Lot and Street



Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Holy Land Chicken Sandwich $5.95

We have been going to Holy Land for years. It is a great Middle Eastern deli in our neighborhood. They have recently expanded into the store front next door and have added a very nice grocery. There are a couple of tables, but mainly it is used for takeout.

The food here is great. I think their pita bread is easily the best in the city and don't even get me started on their other flat bread. It is the only place I will go for this type of bread since they also sell it in packages in their grocery area. They also have the only hummus I will eat besides my own homemade. I have yet to have something I did not like here. One thing is that they serve a lot of food. Really a sandwich is more than enough for a normal person to eat for a mea. The entrees are just too big.

The Holy Land Chicken Sandwich is grilled chicken and onions with a curry powder mixture on it, served in a pita with lettuce, tomato and either tzatziki (cucumber, yogurt dip) or tahini (a sesame paste based dip). I personally prefer the tahini, but both add their charm to the sandwich.

I can not highly recommend it, but I do have to applaud it for the community service it seems to provide.

  • Gyro Sandwich $5.95

We have been to Holy Land before, though this is the first time we’ve reviewed it. We already knew they have the best pita bread that we’ve had in the Twin Cities. Not that we’ve been everywhere, but their pita bread is always fresh, light, and delicious.

I had the gyro sandwich on this visit. The sandwich is loaded with lamb meat over top of lettuce, onions and tomatoes. The tzatziki is standard, nothing spectacular, but not shabby. The best part is that they serve a humongous gyro sandwich. The worst part is that the sandwich is enough food, and I don’t often order the entree.

A word of warning: normally there is enough seating capacity to eat in, though it was full on this particular Saturday night. We ended up taking our sandwiches to go. So if you go, have a backup plan in case all the tables are taken.

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