Renee Steve

Jasmine Deli
2532 Nicollet Ave S

(612) 870-4700

Date of Review
June 3, 2005


Entree Price:
$5 - $10

Our Total Bill:








Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Spring rolls - shrimp and pork (2) $2.95 (shared)
  • Stir-fried shrimp noodle salad $6.45

We had actually pulled an restaurant named Bambou (bamboo) out of the basket, but found that it had closed. Luckily earlier in the day we had run into an acquaintance who asked what the restaurant of night was and we told him and he said that one of his favorite Vietnamese places in the same area was Jasmine Deli. So when we found Bambou closed we knew where to go.

The only bad thing about Jasmine Deli, is that it is not closer to our house so that we can go there all the time for take out. It was excellent all around. Not much for atmosphere, but the people working there were very friendly and happy to help.

My noodle salad was the absolute perfect summer evening dish, it really was the essence of summer in a bowl. The spring rolls were solid using very fresh ingredients and having an excellent dipping sauce.

I am sure we will go there again, maybe even for take out, it is easily worth the trip.

  • Char-broiled shrimp, pork, and meat patties noodle salad $6.45

Great food cheap. Thatís all you need to know. Itís just below Quang Restaurant as the best Vietnamese in my book. I just wish we lived closer to them so we could go to each more often.

We had a great, simple meal here. The spring rolls were very tasty and fresh. The accompanying dipping sauce was equally straightforward but different; it was a brown, yogurt based sauce instead of the normal rice wine vinegar dipping sauce you normally see. The sauce was topped with chopped nuts and a small dab of hot sauce that could be avoided or dived into (Iím a diver myself).

The noodle salad was equally simple and delicious. I really liked the rice noodles on the side of the salad greens. The meat topped the salad greens, and it seemed like the meat was grilled the same day, it had a wonderful wood-grilled flavor. I also liked the dressing served on the side. It was a light, liquid dressing. I poured it all on, but should have poured half on like Renee, though with the large bowl, most of the liquid graciously collected on the bottom.

Some other nice touches: they had a deli counter that several people approached immediately. But if you looked confused or looked like you wanted a table, they readily accommodated with a hearty greeting and a direction to sit where we wanted. I also liked that they wrapped two chopsticks with a fork in a paper napkin. It avoided the awkward question of fork or chopsticks.

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