Renee Steve

Jasmine 26

8 East 26th Street

(612) 870-3800

Date of Review
March 8, 2008


Entree Price:
$5 - $10

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: None
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Basil spring rolls with chicken (shared) $5.00
  • Sea salt/pepper tofu cubes (fried with onions and green peppers)(shared) $5.00
  • Jasmine crepe with shrimp and pork $8.00

Jasmine 26 is a upscale version of Jasmine Deli down the street. They do not serve the exact same dishes, they are bit more complicated, but they have the same warm, family run feel. They also have a drink menu and a more stylish setting to make it feel more like a night out then something to pick up quick for a night in.

I really enjoyed my meal here. The bubble tea with a kick was a brilliant idea and a new favorite libation of mine. The appetizer were really very nice, the spring roll was really the same as you might at the deli, but it is good there and it is good here. The salt and pepper tofu were nice, silky, crunchy, and tasty. My crepe was an unusual dish which I quite enjoyed something not found that often on menus in this area.

I think we have now are going to have a quite a dilemma when we are in this part of eat street looking for something to eat, what will we choose? Jasmine Deli? Peninsula? Jasmine 26?

  • Peanut curry duck with eggplant and sweet potatoes $15.00

I thoroughly enjoyed Jasmine 26. We started out with spring rolls, which we knew were going to be good. This wasnít much of a test for Jasmine 26, but I was really in the mood for good spring rolls. These are a little more expensive than you will find at most Vietnamese restaurants in the Twin Cities, but the quality is just as high. In fact, many items on the menu are few dollars more than normal, but you are paying for a very cool authentic Asian ambiance. It was especially enjoyable to have the owners in the front of the house the night we were there. They are so outgoing and personable that they should be interacting with customers.

I also enjoyed the piping hot tofu cubes. They were crispy on the outside with a rich creamy tofu texture inside. Served alongside fried onions and green peppers, the appetizer was simple and delectable.

The duck was similarly delicious. It was cooked in the curry sauce, like it had been cooking all day over low heat. The duck was very good, but very different from other preparations Iíve had recently that resemble steak. The curry fully supported the duck and carried it. All of the ingredients were fresh and delicious. At the price Jasmine 26 charges, I was very happy with the quality of food in a sleek, trendy atmosphere. This would make a great first date place Ė not too expensive if it doesnít work out, but you get props for picking an out-of-the-way fancy place with great food.

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