Renee Steve

Jax Cafe
1928 University Avenue NE

Date of Review
December 22, 2001


Entree Price:

Our Total Bill:







1 1/2 feet wood
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Crab Rolls $ 7.95(shared)
  • House (with meal)
  • Lobster Ravioli with Red Pepper Cream Sauce $21.95
  • Chocolate Bomb $5.95

This review is one of the hardest to write. On one hand because of the sentimental value of Jax, I will go back. We went here when we got engaged, we had our groom's dinner there. However, they have never had amazing food, it is good, but too expensive for what you get.

However, during the spring when the weather is just warm enough to sit outside, dinner on Jax's patio garden is hard to beat. Every year we try to get there right around that time, because you get to see a bunch of prom goers. For many, it is obviously their first experience in a fancy restaurant on a date. It is a riot to watch.

Of course no matter when you go there is always that feeling. This is the kind of place people go for special occasions. When we were there for this review it was a few days before Christmas, the place was packed with parties and family dinners. There was also a very young couple. He was a marine in full uniform, apparently on leave, she was beautiful in her cocktail dress. Neither were older than 20 and as they left and he was helping her put on her Columbia ski jacket, it was the kind of moment you could only enjoy at a place like Jax's.

While there may be a occasional ski jacket worn over the attire, everyone dresses up to go to Jax's. If you are wearing less than khaki's you will feel uncomfortable. I have been to the best downtown restaurants and almost always there are people there wearing jeans. At Jax's you would be hard pressed to find anyone in jeans, no matter what time of the year.

Ok, back to the review. My food as usual was ok, it is not going to make you swoon, in may even disappoint you, but you don't go to Jax for food, you go for atmosphere and to celebrate some special day or to watch others celebrate that special day.

  • Tenderloin Filet $22,95
  • Bailey's Chocolate Torte $5.95

Jax carries with it so many memories that it is hard to review it. It's hard to give it a bad review or even hard to give it a great review for fear of being biased. That said, we didn't have a great meal at Jax.

Even though we didn't have a great meal, my steak was excellent. The cut was thick, but the filet was still cooked perfectly medium rare. I love the value because Jax includes soup or salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and vegetable with the meal. I was happy with each of the accompaniments.

I was less impressed with the crab roll. There was enough crab, but it didn't have a particularly robust flavor. It was a puff pastry surrounding the crab. To me, it seemed bland.

I did like the Bailey's chocolate torte. It was a standard recipe for a layered chocolate cake, but it was well done. I realize that Renee did not have a good meal and that some friends of ours were not thrilled with the food, but I would still put this in my short list of top steak places, though Jax is getting rough around the edges.

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