Renee Steve

6534 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie
952 941-5115

Date of Review
March 15, 2003


Entree Price:
$10 to $15

Our Total Bill:







Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Gyoza $5.95 (shared)
  • Assorted Tempura $12.50

14 (ten was not enough) Things that Happened at Kabuki (and why it sucks)

  1. Waiter complained that he was so busy more than one time even though it seemed he was only waiting on our section which consisted of three tables.
  2. Same Waiter brought our appetizer and my entree to the wrong table. The women it was served to do did not realize she had the wrong appetizer and entree until she ate one of the dumplings.
  3. When the women pointed out that this was the wrong entree and that she did not order an appetizer the waiter took it away and into the kitchen.
  4. He then brought out my entree and our appetizer at the same time.
  5. The entree and appetizer happened to be the same as what he had just taken off the other table.
  6. Our appetizer was missing one dumpling and there were a few drops of dumpling dip on the plate.
  7. There was a four top in our same section with three boys and one adult male that two entrees were delivered and five minutes later the third one was delivered and when ten more minutes passed and the fourth entree had still not arrived the adult male went into the kitchen and demanded his food which was then promptly brought out.
  8. When the woman at the other table complained that her food was still not out he blamed it on the kitchen and didn't even go into the kitchen to check on it.
  9. The women at the other table and Steve waited 45 minutes after my entree and appetizer were served before their entrees arrived.
  10. Shortly after their entrees arrived the hostess brought a group of ten and sat them at a four top in the corner. She told the group very loudly that once one of the two tables next to them (ours and the two women) she would put that table with their's
  11. When I asked for tea after I was done with my meal and before Steve's had yet arrived, he said he wouldn't charge me for it, like he was doing me a favor.
  12. When the woman at the other table asked for something comped because of her wait the waiter said he couldn't do that because it was the kitchen's fault not his.
  13. When the woman at the other table asked for something comped because of her wait the manager finally agreed to comp one of her sakes.
  14. No one ever came out and said you are on Candid Camera.

  • Bento Box $13.50

Kabuki is the worst run restaurant weíve been to. Renee has enumerated the reasons why Kabuki has earned this distinction. From service gaffs to poor food to outright lies, everyone at the restaurant did something wrong the night we were there. Something tells me it wasnít just a bad night -- one person can have a bad night, the maitre dí, server, and kitchen staff were all to blame.

I would like to focus on the bento box I had. The teriyaki steak was ordered medium rare, but it came well done. It tasted bland and tough. Blech.

For a long time I worried that I couldnít tell the difference between good sushi and bad sushi. Iíve had great sushi at many Twin Cities Japanese restaurants, which you can find on our list of Japanese restaurants weíve visited; Iím sure there are other restaurants with great sushi that we have yet to visit, like Sushi Tango. Rest assured, you can skip Kabuki. The sushi was not fresh, and the California rolls were below average. The good news is that I now know what bad sushi tastes like and I will never have to go back to Kabuki.

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