Renee Steve

La Belle Vie


Date of Review
September 4, 1999


Entree Price:

Our Total Bill:






Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Bruchetta $5.00 (shared)
  • Crostini $5.00 (shared)
  • Sea Bass Ravioli $12.00
  • Mixed Greens $6.00
  • Sea Bass $24.00
  • Chocolate Fondant $6.00

After being told a countless number of times by friends, coworkers, and complete strangers that we need to go to this restaurant, we finally picked it out of our basket. And it really is too bad it did not come sooner. What a wonderful place!

We decided to invite two of our friends along who have raved about how great La Belle Vie is and who are lovers of wine. Wine is one of the attractions to this restaurant. It has a rather small list, but all of the wines are great wines and as our friends said of a good value for restaurant wine. Between the four of us we had three bottles of wine, I who has never really understood the attraction of wine, even liked two of the three bottles. And since they were drinking good wine and were with good friends, we decided to go all out and have all the courses, which is what a restaurant like this is made for. The Bruchetta and Crostini as appetizers were very nice. For the first course I had the Sea Bass Ravioli, which I savored until the last bite. I had the mixed green salad which was perfectly fine. Keeping on the Sea Bass theme I ordered the Sea Bass Entree, which was done about a perfectly as could be expected. For dessert I had the Chocolate Fondant and was very satisfied and would order it again with no qualms. Overall the evening was everything you could ask for, beautiful whether, great friends, wonderful wine and fabulous food. Definitely one of the best, not so well kept, secrets in the city.

  • Deep Fried Mussels $9.00
  • Pear Salad $7.50
  • Pork Loin $23.00
  • Peach Tart $6.00

Very expensive, but worth it! And everything was wonderful. They have an extensive wine list. Plan for a longer meal with several courses and good conversation.

Don't miss it! This is a must for anyone interested in Twin Cities' finest dining.

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