Renee Steve

Lee and Deeís BBQ
161 Victoria Street
St. Paul

(651) 225-9454

Date of Review
November 5, 2005


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  • Barbecue chicken dinner $7.99

Good BBQ sauce is hard to beat and Lee and Dee's has good BBQ Sauce not to sweet and not to hot, but perfectly spiced. So I was thankful I had ordered the BBQ chicken so I could get lots of the sauce, although I was very tempted by the catfish that is lauded by many reviewers and I have no doubt were great. I have no doubt because the BBQ chicken was deep fried chicken wings drenched with BBQ sauce...sounds like a mess, I know if had made it at home it would have been, but their wings were so crispy that believe it or not they were still crispy as I was eating them, even in the sauce.

Lee and Dee's is not a place to go on a first there is not much atmosphere, I think it is mainly takeout and two it is hard to be dainty eating BBQ anything, I had sauce all over myself when I was through, it was totally worth it though.

  • Full rack rib dinner $19.99

Lee and Deeís has a lot going for it, including being rated best barbecue this year by a reputable local weekly. Itís a real down home neighborhood restaurant run by the owners, just like a good rib joint should be.

The ribs themselves are very good, smoky with a generous helping of barbecue sauce. The sauce wasnít spicy or tangy enough for me, which was easily remedied by the hot sauce, which also wasnítí that hot, but that was easily remedied by quantity. The cole slaw and beans are solid.

I recommend the ribs, and you might prefer take out, depending on the night and your mood. If you have the time and patience, soak up the vibe at Lee and Deeís.

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