Renee Steve

Lion's Tap
Hwy 212 and Co. Rd 4
Eden Prairie

(952) 934-5299


Date of Review
July 3, 2003


Entree Price:

Our Total Bill:

Bar and Grill






Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • California Burger $3.50
  • Fries $1.65

Are you in the mood for a chicken sandwich? Meatloaf? Typical bar food? Do not go to the Lion's Tap. They do one thing and that is burgers and that is all. Do you like curley fries with your hamburger? How about onion rings? Maybe some mozzarella sticks? Well, then, Lion's tap is not for you either because they only have regular french fries.

So you have decided you want a burger and regular fries, should you go to the Lion's Tap. Well unless you live right by it or are going to drive right by it, I would say no. If you are in Northeast Minneapolis for example, I would not drive all the way to Eden Prairie for the Lion's Tap.

The fact is I did think their burgers were fine, however, they were not great and they were not worth $3.50, especially when I could go to Culver's and get just as good of a burger and lots of other things, that I might like to have with my burger besides some crinkle cut french fries.

I know it is an institution and it is a huge place and was packed when we were there, so there are many out there who will no doubt disagree with this review. But I simply did not get the attraction.

  • Double California Burger $7.95
  • French Fries $1.65

What could be more patriotic than a hamburger on July 4th weekend? Maybe a hot dog and apple pie, but we couldnít resist stopping at Lionís Tap to see what all the talk is about.

Lionís Tap has been among the best burger restaurants perennially on many of the best restaurant lists. Our visit would suggest otherwise. I ordered the double California burger, which tasted o.k., including good, fresh beef, but not great and the double was too difficult to eat. All the while, Iím trying to justify paying $7.95 for this hamburger, a la carte. There are scores of restaurants with better service and better atmosphere with comparable burgers and sides for less. This qualifies Lionís Tap as a standard tourist trap.

The decor is a fast food family restaurant, even though they have table service. Itís nothing special or distinctive. I was impressed that they have plenty of parking and turn the tables quick enough to serve a large holiday crowd efficiently.

By the way, they do not serve anything but burgers. No chicken, no pork, na da. While I was going to have a hamburger, I hoped to see some variety on the menu. The restaurantís slogan is "Famous Hamburgers," it should be "Only Hamburgers."

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