Renee Steve

Little Szechuan

422 University Ave W
St Paul

(651) 222-1333

Date of Review
May 19, 2007


Entree Price:
$10 - $15

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: None needed
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Steamed dumplings $4.50 (shared)
  • Scallop with chili pepper $13.95

Yum, yum, and yum. Little Szechuan reminds me of Tea House, two separate menus, busy, great food. I would have a difficult time picking one or the other if forced.

The dumplings were pretty standard nothing too spectacular, but nothing to sneeze at either. My scallops were the best I have ate in ages. They were spicy, but not so much that you couldn't breathe, just enough to take a couple of extra sips of water, but still allowing the flavor to come through. To top it off each piece of scallop was cooked to perfection, no small feat as there were a good 20 pieces on the plate. Steve's lamb was amazing, I am not a huge fan of lamb, I don't think I have had it prepared the right way maybe, but this was outstanding. I could their lamb every night for a week and not get tired of it.

I think the best thing about Little Szechuan is that I now know of two great places to get Szechuan Chinese, one east, one west, so no matter where I am in the metro I can always sate that hunger.

  • Lamb cooked with cumin $12.95

Little Szechuan packs a punch that most American Chinese restaurants pull. They include real spices, real garlic, and real heat in their dishes. The lamb cooked with cumin was outstanding. It was medium spicy, not overpowering, but the combination of cumin and other spices blended perfectly with the generous portion of succulent lamb. There was definitely enough to box up for lunch the next day, which was just as delightful as the night before.

The steamed dumplings were serviceable. They were standard steamed dumplings, but they arrived at our table at room temperature, which was disappointing. I would order them again, but I would hope that the night we went was just an oversight on a busy night.

Unless you go early, you will experience a wait. It looked like there was going to be about an hour wait on a particularly busy Saturday night. I didn't hear one complaint.

Parking is readily available on University Avenue, although it is a busy street. The excellent, authentic food is more than enough to compensate for any minor inconvenience you might experience getting to the restaurant or waiting for a table. Little Szechuan and the Tea House are, hands down, the best Chinese restaurants in the Twin Cities in my opinion.

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