Renee Steve

Los Andes Restaurant

317 W Lake Street

(612) 825-1700

Date of Review
May 2, 2009


Entree Price:
$10 - $15

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: na

Kid Friendliness: Good

Kid Menu: No

High Chair: Yes

Quick Service: Yes

Noise level: High

Crayons/Toys: No

Takeout Available:Yes

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Humitas con Queso - Traditional Ecuadorian corn cake with cheese $5.99
  • Chaulafan - Brown fried rice with chicken, shrimp, beef, pork, green peas, carrots, and egg $11.99

Los Andes reminded me a lot of La Gran in NE. For that reason, I will probably not go back since we have similar restaurant much closer.

The Humitas were popular at the table. Everyone liked them including our son. My main dish reminded me a lot of fried rice and also of the tamale filling I had at La Gran. Rice, veggies and pieces of meat, not terribly flavorable, but not totally without taste. I wish I had been a bit more brave and ordered the guinea pig, but I could not quite go there. That is perhaps one difference between Los Andes and La Gran. I did not see that dish on La Gran's menu. But I still will probably not go back.

  • Plato Montanero - Grilled top sirloin with rice, crackling fried egg, beans, corn cake, avocado and sweet plantain $13.49

I enjoyed the meal at Los Andes Restaurant, but in my opinion it was not as good as La Gran. I really liked the traditional corn bread as an appetizer, although the cheese fell a little flat. The top sirloin steak in the plato montanero entrťe was good, but could have been better quality. It was served with some fried side pork that is probably a heart attack waiting to happen; the flavor is average - not worth the fat or calories. The beans were average to good, and it was nice to have an avocado on the plate. Needless to say, it was a large plate of food, enough to fill the hungriest of appetites.

The restaurant is located on Lake Street with a bus stop right outside the window, so the people watching adds to the experience. But I almost lost my appetite when I saw the photo of one of their entrees, guinea pig, which I could not bring myself to order. Iím sure itís fine for those who like it; itís just not for me.

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