Renee Steve


730 North Washington Ave

612 354 3135

Date of Review
February 9, 2014


Entree Price:
$20 and up

Our Total Bill:








Kid Friendliness: Poor

Kid Menu:?

High Chair: ?

Quick Service:No

Noise level: Moderate


Takeout Available:?

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Potato Soup $10
  • Butter Poached Lobster $23 (shared)
  • Fluke $27
  • Chocolate Cake $8

Beautiful space, beautiful food, good service but I would not go back. So why? Well for one it seemed a bit torn as to what it really was. Is it a fancy restaurant to go on a special night out? Yes, prices are high and food is really good. Is it a casual neighborhood restaurant to go on a weekly basis? Yes, wait staff very casually dressed in a fairly casual atmosphere. Why does this matter to me, I am not sure. I really enjoyed my food. Everything was close to perfect. I will remember the chocolate cake for years to come, yes it was that good. But for some reason the casualness vs the high price food threw me for a loop. Is that easy to do? Apparently yes.

Oh by the way, I just read Steve’s review which I try to do after I write mine, so I am going to add this as p.s. to mine. He suggests sharing a dessert, under no circumstance share the chocolate cake, if you love chocolate you will be sorry you agreed to do so.

  • Hamachi - Asian Pear, Meyer Lemon, Yuzu, Serrano Chili $14
  • Duck - Breast, Foie Gras, Orange, Turnips, Pistachio $32
  • Cheese Plate $12

I must be getting old and crotchety. The duck entree at Borough was one of the best I’ve had in a long time, much better than The Bachelor Farmer. But the close seating and noisy acoustics keep me from recommending Borough. I don’t know how they fix those issues immediately, but I would start by reducing the number of tables by 10-20%. It felt impossible to hold a conversation with my spouse with strangers so close. I don’t see that as inconsistent with a high caliber cocktail lounge, which seems to be what everyone wants these days.

The Hamachi (yellowtail) was served sushi-style and done very nicely. The duck breast was fantastic - it was flavorful and perfectly prepared. The foie gras was a perfect portion on the side that melts in your mouth. The turnips, orange, and pistachio make this a classic fall or winter entree. If you go to Borough and like duck, I highly recommend ordering the duck entree. The cheese plate was average.

The desserts are meant to be shared. We made the mistake of ordering one for each of us, and the server did not dissuade us. They were both large portions. Had I been more alert, I would have said, “Oh, I didn’t realize that these were going to be such large portions, can you please box mine up to go?” As it was, both couples on either side of us got to view how large the desserts were since each table was only about two feet away. Getting their attention was an accomplishment, as one of the couples seemed to be spending most of their time staring at their phones, but maybe they were texting each other because they did not want us to hear their conversation.

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