Renee Steve

New King's Buffet
5927 John Martin Dr
Brooklyn Center
(763) 566-8300

Date of Review
June 15, 2002


Entree Price:
$5 - $10

Our Total Bill:







Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Buffet $9.95

Who would have thought? I am not a big buffet person, but yet I have been to a number of them in various circumstances. Through these experiences I have found that buffets and good food can not be in the same sentence. It really comes down to logistics most things taste good fresh, but once it has been heated for a while yuck. I am even one of the people who has in their past worked fast food, so every once in a while I get a craving for a hamburger that has been under the heat lamps too long, but buffets no.

So when Dara from the City Pages recommends a buffet, I thought something had happened to her, she had been bought, something, anything. So I waited a while to see if her reviews that followed were as unbelievable, they didn't seem to be, so eventually I put it in the basket.

Finally, we drew it out. Steve was not very excited because he too, like me, could not believe this was going to be good. As we drove up and it was in a little building next to a tire store, I thought no way. But we went in and there were tons of people of all races and nationalities, maybe a good sign? It turned out great! The food was amazing! It seems with all these people the food was turned over enough to remain fresh and tasty. The dishes themselves were amazing, I don't know who is cooking in the kitchen, but it is someone who knows what they are doing. I can't remember the names of all the dishes, but there had to be 40 of them at least. And the less American the food looked the better. They had this baby octopus dish. There was a shrimp in a sweet batter with an amazing sauce, scallops in an amazing sauce. Even the Lo mein was good. They also had crab legs which seemed to be a very popular item with the non Asian folks. I actually didn't get any, I didn't want to wait in line and I was too busy trying all the other dishes. Even as I was leaving, I kept thinking that maybe I was on some kind of MSG high and that is why I thought everything tasted so good. But I had no signs of MSG, headache, thirst, etc, like I get from many other restaurants.

I strongly recommend checking this place out. Be sure to go when it is busy. Even though the dishes are great and may be better cold and dry than many Chinese dishes in our city, it will be much better fresh.

  • Buffet $9.95

How does King’s Buffet do it? They serve top-notch Chinese food at a buffet. Most buffets, Chinese or otherwise, taste stale, over salted, overcooked, under spiced, or any combination thereof. King’s, by comparison, tastes fresh, properly cooked, and properly spiced. At $9.95 per person, this is a steal. This is worth driving twenty miles for.

If you love snow crab, you'll love King’s. They have snow crab in the regular buffet, no extra charge. When Renee and I visited, customers lined up when the staff brought out a fresh batch of snow crab. Amazing.

Renee also mentioned, and I agreed, that each of the sauces has a particular flavor. This isn't a one-sauce-is-good-enough-for-every-chicken-dish restaurant.

The only disappointment on the night we visited was the egg rolls. They did have the stale, maybe overdone, composition of a bad buffet. Otherwise, try everything, and you should be delightfully surprised.

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