Renee Steve

Parma 8200

5600 West 83rd Street, Suite 100


Date of Review
October 15, 2011


Entree Price:
$20 and up

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: Ceramic 4 inch

Kid Friendliness: Fair

Kid Menu:?

High Chair:?

Quick Service:No

Noise level: Moderate/High

Crayons/Toys: ?

Takeout Available:?

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Cheese plate $9.50 (shared)
  • Fried Sicilian Rice Balls $9.50 (shared)
  • Potato gnocchi $13 (shared)
  • Shrimp Risotto $24
  • chocolate dipped canolli $7 (shared)

Parma 8200 was disappointing on so many levels I am not sure where to begin. First it was date night so the expectations are higher for me which is slightly unfair to the restaurant, but I am also a bit more relaxed so it perhaps all evens out. That said, the restaurant itself is a nice space we got a booth which was even better. One small quibble is you could easily see the tvs at the bar in our area which as a bit distracting. It was also very loud, but it was full so that was expected.

The food was sad. The cheese plate was fine nothing to knock your socks off. The Fried rice balls were recommended by the server and were uninspiring. The gnocchi was the highlight of the meal, but even that was just good. My risotto was a mess it was soupy, the shrimp were small and few and far between which was ok, because they tasted a bit fishy and to top it off the rice was a bit mushy. The canolli was probably a mistake to order. I have a sweet tooth and one bite was all I needed.

Maybe we went on a bad night or ordered the wrong things, since it was packed so clearly it must hold some appeal to bunch of people. But I do not see the draw.

  • Grilled Salmon $24

Parma 8200 has location going for it and the D'Amico marketing muscle. The ambiance is rather nice, upscale suburban. The service was fine, and the restaurant was packed when we visited. But Parma 8200 lacks quality output from the kitchen that makes it fair in our book.

I liked the salmon, but everything else was average or below average despite high prices. I expected much more from the cannoli, and Parma 8200 has turned me off of cannoli for a while, which is a sad thing indeed.

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