Renee Steve

Pepitos Restaurant
4820 Chicago Avenue
(612) 822-2104

Date of Review
March 23, 2002


Entree Price:
$5 - $10

Our Total Bill:







Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Nachos Lupitas $7.30(shared)
  • Chicken Chimichanga $8.55

Very busy neighborhood restaurant. It was packed when we got there at 6:30, which of course as we are all aware is prime time for eating, so not a big surprise. We waited about 40 minutes.

I would like to say it was worth every bit of the 40 minutes wait, but that would be going a little far. It was good, solid Mexican/American food. There are many places in the metro with similarly good food that do not have the wait of this very popular spot.

Everything, I had was perfectly fine, and if you are in the area and there is not line and you feel like Mexican, go for it.

  • Mexican Pasta with Black Beans $6.25

The Nachos Lupitas were advertised as deep-fried fritters covered with cheese and your choice of meat. We chose half spicy pork and half ground beef, and the former was a good choice. The spicy pork was juicy and flavorful; the ground beef was average. The base seemed more like nacho chips than fritters to me, though I could be wrong. Overall, I was happy with the appetizer.

According to the menu, my Mexican pasta was supposed to be spinach and regular pasta with pico de gallo and grilled peppers and grilled onions. It was topped by my choice of black beans instead of chicken. One problem was that the green peppers and onions were barely grilled-- there were two or three little blackened grilled spots on each piece. The bigger problem was that the pasta was basically macaroni and cheese topped with black beans. It really didnít have much flavor. Lesson #143: if youíre in a Mexican restaurant, order Mexican food, donít order a pasta dish.

The service was fine, though a little slow because they were packed on a Saturday night. The prices, as you can tell, were quite reasonable for the location and the crowd.

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