Renee Steve


4300 Bryant Ave S


Date of Review
May 8, 2010


Entree Price:
$20 and up

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: None

Kid Friendliness: Poor

Kid Menu:No

High Chair: ?

Quick Service:No

Noise level: Moderate

Crayons/Toys: ?

Takeout Available:?

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Sliced octopus with Swiss chard, refrigerator pickles, cilantro, and espelette pepper $8
  • White Bean Agnolotti with Ham hocks, white cheddar cheese and chives $9
  • Alaskan Halibut with avocado, english shell peas, spring onions and miso $13
  • Chocolate and wild fennel pollan tart with french roast ice cream $7

Piccolo is an affordable night out, while being very diet friendly. Ok, I know many people are going to say $139 is not affordable. But that is for two people, 8 amazing courses, 5 glasses of wine, and a coffee. Really a bargain.

Now diet friendly may be a bit of a stretch, but I am convinced if I ate there every night for month, I would lose weight...perhaps a documentary idea, the anti Supersize Me? Each course is small, but there is so much taste in each course that you feel satisfied with a little bit. In fact, I did not need dessert and I probably could have kept it to two courses (and if I did it nightly I probably would) and have been a completely happy, sated customer. Now if you go for your night out, I would suggest having a many courses as you can muster, because each one is a magical experience.

I am not going to go into detail on each course, but let's just say that in every course each individual component played and important role. Could some have been left out and the dish still have been fantastic? Yes, but it would not have been magical.

Where ever you are driving from in the metro, Piccolo is worth the drive.

  • King crab with hearts of palm, green top radishes and Thumbelina carrots $10
  • Suckling pig with house made chorizo, braised celery and golden raisins $13
  • Lamb shoulder and lamb liverwurst with smoked ramp mostarda swiss chard and Thumbelina carrots $14
  • Bergamot semi fredo with green apple, pistachio and leather wood honey $7

Piccolo is one of those wow restaurants. As in wow, I canít believe itís that good. Or wow, I canít believe that other places donít follow this model. Or wow, how can they make money on such a small space (about 40 seats including their back room)? Wow, a king crab plate for $10. Wow, that house-made chorizo is special. Wow, that lamb shoulder was succulent. Wow, the semi-fredo went perfectly with the green apple pistachio and wowie wow wow leather wood honey. But mostly, wow, Iím really glad that Doug Flicker opened another restaurant.

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