Renee Steve

Pizzeria Lola

5557 Xerxes Ave. S.


Date of Review
January 29, 2012


Entree Price:

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: None Needed

Kid Friendliness: Excellent

Kid Menu:No

High Chair:Yes

Quick Service:Yes

Noise level: High


Takeout Available:Yes

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Hawaii Pie-O $14

I really enjoyed Pizzeria Lola. The pizzas were very good. The crust may not have been quite chewy enough for me, but it was a very nice crust. The toppings though were all very good. I had the bacon and pineapple one. I have always enjoyed the canadian bacon/pinapple pizza, but this was by far the best version. Not only was the bacon way better, but no sauce, and that let the flavors shine. Steve's pizza was great as well a fun topping choice.

I am not sure we will be back as it is a bit of a drive for pizza when we have some good places nearer to us. But I would recommend it.

  • Lady ZaZa $15

I really liked Pizzeria Lola for the ambiance, service, and risk-taking. A kimchee pizza? Crazy. It tasted good but suffered from the fatal flaw of being too moist so that the crust collapsed in the middle. This was even worse the next day. Otherwise, the outside of the crust was well formed and had a wonderful wood-fired flavor. The service was good despite a packed restaurant, and the photo booth in the back was really cool. We did not buy photos, but I saw some young girls using the booth. It looked like a great way to keep the kids busy for 5-10 minutes while waiting for pizza, and the printout came with a color Pizzeria Lola logo in the middle of two strips of photos (brilliant advertising). The construction of the booth with a touch screen, camera, and 4x6 printer portends to a new trend of public photo booths (what's old is new again). This is a very good neighborhood family pizza place that I hope stays around for a long time.

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