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World Street Kitchen

2743 Lyndale Ave S


     •     MFC Biscuit Sandwich $9.50

     •     Salted Caramel Ice Cream $5.00

This is one of the food truck gone brick and mortar, although I believe they still have the food truck. And I can see why, of course the chef also is behind Saffron another brick and mortar so he knows what he is doing. This was really very good, although I think everyone else's was better than mine. If you took each piece of my sandwich a part it was great, the chicken was amazing fried chicken worth every calorie, the biscuit nice light, maybe too light to hold a sandwich. The carrot salad and feta spread were both good, but I think overwhelmed the chicken a bit. But Steve's dish was great, our older son's dish was great, our younger son ordered off the kid's menu and while it was fine, nothing I would order again, he liked it though.

Overall, I think this is a great addition to the Lyndale/Lake area.

     •     Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs with house made kimchi $12.50

World Street Kitchen is fantastic. It's fantastic for what it isn't, and it's fantastic for what it is. World Street Kitchen does not put on airs; it does not pretend to be a high end sit-down restaurant with a maitre d'. World Street Kitchen is more than a food truck experience brought indoors, and I appreciate the extras, but it maintains a food truck sensibility that makes them great.

The food is a fusion of Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian with some of the most aromatic, flavorful spices around. I had one of the Yum Yum Rice Bowls: the Korean "BBQ" beef short ribs (bulgogi) with house made kimchi. The steamed rice at the bottom of the bowl was served with a soft cooked egg, bulgogi beef, kimchi, peanuts, and secret sauce. The mixture of flavors, quality, and quantity make this a bargain meal. The soft serve ice cream was also a treat - the salted caramel ice cream was lightly covered with chocolate sauce and a few basic marshmallows. Also on top were some delicious chocolate-covered smoked almonds that we all fought over.

The extras. With a brick-and-mortar presence, the restaurant can offer an expanded menu, kids menu, desserts, and beer and wine. I was very pleased with Indeed beer on tap at happy hour pricing. Plus there's a bathroom and a place to sit that are hard to find in downtown Minneapolis.

The food truck sensibility. The restaurant is designed as a quick-service, deli restaurant where you order at the counter and are served at the table or you can take your food to go. You take your own silverware, napkins, tap water, etc. from a central station and bus your own containers.

Other notes. Other than two to-go parking spots on the north side of the building, parking is limited to on street parking, which was not too difficult to find. The ambiance is an upbeat feel with rather loud music that works well for Uptown. The kid's menu is not your basic mac and cheese, chicken fingers, and PB&J, so our kids were challenged in trying different foods.

With the food truck shut down for the winter, it's fantastic to have World Street Kitchen open year round in Uptown.












Middle Eastern Fusion



January 4, 2014