Renee Steve

Royal Orchid

4022 Central Ave NE
Columbia Heights



Date of Review
March 16, 2013


Entree Price:

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: na

Kid Friendliness: Good

Kid Menu:No

High Chair: Yes

Quick Service:No

Noise level: Moderate High

Crayons/Toys: No

Takeout Available:Yes

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Dumplings (shared) $4.49
  • Crispy Roll $3.99
  • Pineapple Curry $11.99

Royal Orchid does not have the best thai food as advertised on their sign, but they may have the friendliest service at a thai restaurant. They took son on a kitchen tour which is a first for us and they were just very nice and generous people. The food as good, but it does not rank up with the best thai in the city. My Pineapple curry was generous in portion, buy a little sour, not quite balanced, was it so sour that I did not eat it all, no it was very edible, but it just does compare with some of the other thai in the city.

  • Seafood Curry $15

This is the latest incarnation of Royal Orchid. It seems to be flying under the radar in Columbia Heights, which is not all bad if they're trying to keep a low profile but overall it's not a great location. I really can't see anyone from anywhere else in the metro area getting excited about going to Columbia Heights. The good news is that the food is really good. My curry sauce noodle with shrimp contained subtle but distinct flavors that melded together beautifully. A very nice meal.

If you go, the service is attentive, but can seem a bit slow paced. Maybe it's the long, narrow space that doesn't have any distractions, but the staff seem to take their time. The ambiance is casual, and it's not an upscale restaurant. There is street parking on Central Avenue that is reasonably accessible, but there is also a parking lot in back.

We have run into a long stretch of really good Thai food in the Twin Cities, and I hope it continues. Places like Royal Orchid, Karta Thai, Krungthep Thai, Bangkok Thai Deli, and Naviya's make me wonder if the Twin Cities is developing a taste for Thai. And how did that all happen? Then I let it go, stop asking why, and enjoy the ride.

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