Renee Steve

Rudolph’s Bar-B-Que
1933 Lyndale Ave S


Date of Review
March 5, 2005


Entree Price:
$15 - $20

Our Total Bill:





street and lot



Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Pulled pork sandwich w/ fries and cole slaw $9.00
  • Turtle Sundae $5.50 (shared)

This was a incredibly busy place, and I can see why it is in a popular part of the city, family friendly and reasonable prices.

I found the food to be good overall. My pork sandwich was comparable to many places like this, the fries were good and the coleslaw was creamy. The turtle sundae was not that good, and I would simply go up to Sebastian Joe's for a cone, if I were to go back, which I would not.

I did get a mild case of food poisoning afterwards, I am not sure which piece of the meal caused it, but I am guessing it might have been the coleslaw since that is the only thing Steve did not try of mine, and he did not get sick.

  • Rudy – ½ Rack spare ribs w/ garlic mashed potatoes, toast, and salad $16.00

I’m sure that Rudolph’s still makes the best-of lists for ribs in the Twin Cities. That’s partly because there aren’t enough independent rib shacks out there trying and I’m not counting Famous Dave’s even though many of their locations put out some quality ribs. For all of the great ethnic restaurants popping up, ribs and quality bar-b-que have been forgotten and abandoned in the Twin Cities. So it’s good to know that Rudolph’s still does a decent job with its dry spare ribs, dusted with spices and served with a bottle of no-label, house bar-b-que sauce.

A half rack of ribs is a good value, served with choice of potato, toast, and salad. I thought the garlic mashed potatoes could have been much better and the salad and toast were just standard. The ribs were rightly the star attraction, but the sides deserve some attention and improvement.

The dessert was fair overall – a case of quantity over quality. The ice cream was listed as Sebastian Joe’s (so you wouldn’t skip dessert here and run down the street), and it was fine. The average caramel topping brought down our opinion of the dessert.

But the real turn-off for me was the background noise. The wait staff was good; the server was personable, and two hostesses even came around checking on tables (a nice touch). But the noise reminded me of a pick up bar instead of a casual restaurant. Maybe I would go back for their happy hour, but I would not go back for a relaxing meal.

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