Renee Steve

Rusty Taco

522 E Hennepin

(612) 315-5372

Date of Review
November 10, 2012


Entree Price:

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: none

Kid Friendliness: Excellent

Kid Menu:Yes

High Chair: ?

Quick Service:Yes

Noise level: High

Crayons/Toys: No

Takeout Available:Yes

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Fish taco $3
  • shrimp taco $3
  • grill pork taco $2.50

Rusty taco has fish and shrimp taco which is great and fills a need in our area. They are not the best I have had, but they are good. However the rest of the taco menu is really standard and you can find much better just a bit up Central at several different places. So I can not really recommend it, however, it seemed to be hopping so they do not really need my recommendation.

  • Rusty taco $2.50
  • Black bean taco $2.50

So, I kept thinking about El Taco Riendo almost every minute in Rusty Taco. And, in almost every way, I would rather have been at El Taco Riendo. The only advantages of Rusty Taco were the beer license and the open air feeling of large windows that open up on a nice day. Otherwise, El Taco Riendo had better tacos, more authentic tacos, a more authentic feel, more family seating, and small business ownership. Out of the tacos and nachos that we had, I was not impressed with most of them. The best of the lot are the fish taco and the shrimp taco. The plate of nachos was good, but not outstanding, and the price was right. The other thing that was confusing is that the portion sizes are relatively small and the kids were hungry, so we kept going back for more, and the total is a combination of four transactions. I'm sure that was more annoying for them than for us, but it reinforced the fast food feeling and made the dining experience more difficult.

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