Renee Steve

Salut Bar Americain

5034 France Ave S

(952) 929-3764

Date of Review
November 11, 2006


Entree Price:
$15 - $20

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: 6" wood
Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Seafood Trio (fried clams, calamari, and oysters) (shared) $11.95
  • Gnocchi Gratin (w/ crawfish) $17.95
  • 3 Baby Cakes (shared) $8.85

First I was very glad we had reservations when we arrived on Saturday night at 7:30 because it was packed with people waiting for a table, but we just walked in a sat down. I am going to now put in a plug for for those of you who do not know about it, it is a great way of making reservations at some of the most popular restaurants online. Check it out.

Salut is a loud boisterous restaurant, which works in this case, it gives it a lot of energy. The food was fairly valued and good overall.

The appetizer was a solid version of the fried seafood of various sorts, the dipping sauces were good and it was a good size. My gnocchi was o.k. the sauce was a little rich and overwhelming, the gnocchi themselves were adequate not great, but good. The crayfish was a nice touch. The dessert was a nice idea, I thought two of three desserts were good and the last was not so good.

Overall, if you are in the area shopping I think this is a good place to check out, or if your in the mood for french-like food and are not up for a trip downtown.

  • Hanger Steak & Frites $19.95

I enjoyed Salut Bar Americain despite some annoyances. I'll go through the annoyances first, as usual, and finish on the high notes. The annoyances include a noisy atmosphere, slightly rushed and curt service, an overdone steak, and being in Edina. The food was average to good and normally priced. I couldn't help but think that former downtown Brasserie Zinc had been reincarnated at 50th and France, but maybe I'm the only one thinking that (I liked Zinc's food better, if anyone remembers back that far).

On the plus side, the hanger steak had plenty of flavor and was accompanied by outstanding frites. I also liked the variety of fried calamari, shrimp, and oysters in the seafood trio that arrived hot at the table; however, the plate was over weighted with calamari instead of equally weighted and the seafood was accompanied by only a cocktail sauce and a thick cream dipping sauce.

Similarly, I enjoyed the variety of the three baby cakes, although it was a lot of dessert topping off a big meal. Nothing in the dessert was particularly great or worth driving across town for, but it was serviceable and well-presented. This was a little disappointing because I tend to have a higher expectation for desserts at French restaurants (and sauces too). Maybe I can't really end on a high note, which is too bad considering that I regard several of the other Parasole restaurants highly.

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