Renee Steve

Wise Acre Eatery

5401 Nicollet Avenue South

612 354 2577

Date of Review
September 25, 2011


Entree Price:

Our Total Bill:







Pepper: 2" shaker

Kid Friendliness: Good

Kid Menu:Yes

High Chair:?

Quick Service:moderate

Noise level: High


Takeout Available:Yes

Renee's Side Steve's Side

  • Crepes with Ratatouille $18
  • Caramel Sundae $6

I love the name of Wise Acre Eatery, I also love the surroundings it is associated with Tangletown Nursery across the street and the grounds are beautiful to say the least. Beyond that, I was not in love with Wise Acre Eater and I really wanted to be so I was a bit sad. The food was just ok and really quite expensive for just being ok. I understand they are sourcing the best ingredients, organic, etc. But they did not do the ingredients justice in the preparation. If everything had tasted amazing, I would have had not problem with the price. My entree was ok, but I am writing this a week later and I had to struggle to remember what it was I even had. The caramel sundae I did remember, the caramel sauce was good and the piece of sweet corn bread was really good, but the ice cream was ok and it was served in this cute preserving jar, but it meant it was impossible to get a scoop with the ice cream, cake and caramel sauce at one time. The service was good a bit too good really, they took the dessert before we got the last of the caramel out, and they tried to take my plate before I was done. On the positive they were busy on a Sunday night so clearly they are doing something right.

  • Green Tomato BLT $15

I expected much more from Wise Acre Eatery. For the money, the bacon was good, but I expected fantastic tomatoes and fantastic lettuce, and it was quite mediocre for the end of summer. The sandwich was also messy because it was not put together well. Overall, pretty disappointing. But in spite of it all, I'm sure that people will continue to flock there because of the location and decor. I would skip the crowds and keep looking for better fare.

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